RegioTriRhena meets SC Freiburg

On June 23, 2023, SC Freiburg invited members and friends of the trinational company network RegioTriRhena to its new venue, the Europa-Park Stadium in Freiburg.

During a tour of the stadium, around 90 interested participants from business, municipalities, politics and society from the tri-national region were able to get to know the various areas of the modern stadium, including those that are otherwise not open to the public.

The presentation in the VIP Premium Lounge provided information about the marketing of SC Freiburg and the joint aperitif gave the opportunity to exchange ideas with those responsible for SC and the guests of the evening.

RegioTriTriRhena President Bernd Dallmann emphasized the importance of SC Freiburg and the new stadium far beyond the world of football. The economic and socio-cultural function of a healthy first division football club are also valuable factors for cross-border cooperation in sport and culture.

Peter Schwabe, Head of Sponsoring at SC Freiburg, spoke about the special popularity of SC Freiburg beyond the region, which is demonstrated by the memberships from Alsace and Switzerland.

RTR SC Freiburg01

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RTR SC Freiburg05

The RegioTrirhena, as the organizer of the evening, currently has over 250 members from the region, mostly companies who are looking for organizational support in the RegioTrirhena in questions of cross-border cooperation.

RegioTriRhena supports cultural events and promotes networking and exchange between business and culture.