VBU welcomes its new member "RegioTriRhena"

Joint strengthening of the region through new synergies in the three-country corner

FREIBURG. Last but not least, the recent event of the VBU in the Nepomuks Kinderwelt, a company of our President Nina Hartmann, at the lunchtime TALK with representatives of the German Bundestag,

gave the right impetus for the RegioTriRhena and the Association of Baden Companies + Associations e.V (VBU) to become mutual members have informed.

In particular, the cross-border contacts and actions form a valuable basis for future cooperation. With their Presidents Nina Hartmann from the VBU and Dr. Bernd Dallmann from RegioTriRhena, two strong organizations secure broad paths for the future.

"We want to shape and not manage, we want to strengthen cross-border cooperation within the region on the Upper Rhine on common topics. Our focus is on economic and municipal issues in the areas of southern Baden, Switzerland and Alsace. Our tri-national network consists of around 250 companies as well as municipalities and institutions from the three countries. We are the mouthpiece and communication platform for interests and concerns with the aim of increasing the ecological and cultural quality within the RegioTriRhena," emphasized Dr. Bernd Dallmann, President of the RegioTriRhena.

The President of the VBU Nina Hartmann added appreciatively that with over 6,000 companies and 17,000 family-run farms as well as 9 member associations and individual members, there are great opportunities through mutual and demanding cooperation in the three-country corner.

“You can only get good results if everyone is pulling in the same direction on the same side of the rope. Our member companies prove this every day. And we as the VBU can provide strong support and support in many ways. I am pleased to have another strong partner at our side in RegioTriRhena," said Cornelia Rupp-Hafner, General Manager of the VBU.

From now on, member companies and institutions from VBU and RegioTriRhena can contact each other and thus promote cross-border exchange. The offices of the VBU and the RegioTriRhena can be reached daily. The offer is supplemented with the long-established INFOBEST offices in the border triangle of Freiburg - Colmar - Mulhouse - Basel.

In particular, all members are volunteers and provide new input to what is now one of the strongest communities for business and cross-border concerns in Baden, France and Switzerland.