Reasons for becoming a member of the RegioTriRhena

The goal of the trinational RegioTriRhena is to support trans-border projects, initiatives and companies. Following fusion of the Regio societies to form the RTR, a network representing approximately 250 companies, institutions and communes has resulted.

As a trans-border operational society, we support collaboration within the Upper Rhine region with neighbouring trade associations and communal providers in Alsace and Northwest Switzerland.

We represent the mouthpiece and communication platform for the interests and concerns in the region to increase its ecological and cultural quality.

It is impressive to see how the Upper Rhine region has developed in the last few years. For example:

  • the formation of the European Campus as a network for 5 Upper Rhine universities
  • the Fessenheim industrial estate, to counter the loss of employment following the demolition of the atomic power station Fessenheim
  • the reactivation of the railway connection Freiburg-Breisach-Colmar
  • the unique network in the Life Science industry, the trinational Biovalley initiative.
  • the trinational airport, EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

For our lobby work with public authorities, administration, politics and societies, we require support from our members and friends. For this reason, please become a member of our society. As a small thank you, we offer you the Advantages“ of the Regio-EuroAirport one year.

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