Four locations – three countries – two languages – one network: INFOBEST are the contact stations for transnational questions concerning Germany, France and Switzerland

infobest regiotrirhenaDo you consider moving to the other side of the Rhine and need information? Do you work in the neighbouring country and require information concerning health and pension schemes, unemployment benefits, family support, taxes and employment laws? Do you have problems understanding a text from public authorities of the neighbouring country? INFOBEST can help you with all these questions.

The INFOBEST network consists of four public information and advisory centres in the upper Rhine, located in PALMRAIN (Village-Neuf), Vogelgrün/Breisach (Ile du Rhin), Kehl/Strasbourg and PAMINA (Lauterbourg). INFOBEST has simplified the transnational co-existence in the German – French – Swiss Upper Rhine region for thirty years.

RegioTriRhena supports and accompanies the INFOBEST locations.

RegioTriRhena works together with many additional German, Swiss and French providers for financing the INFOBEST locations on Palmrain and Vogelgrün/Breisach.

Our vice-president Daniel Adrian is the current president of the INFOBEST Palmrain location in Village Neuf.

Dorothea Störr-Ritter, the district administrator for the Breisgau-Hochshwarzwald region is a member of RegioTriRhena and is president of INFOBEST Vogelgrün/Breisach.

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The bilingual employees of INFOBEST offer advice and information to all citizens, associations, companies, administrators and politicians for the whole Upper Rhine area, free-of-charge, regarding transnational questions in the border triangle. INFOBEST helps overcome language difficulties and supports visits to public authorities in the neighboring countries.
In addition, the INFOBEST-network has a hinge-function between the administration offices of the three countries and supports exchange and trans-border collaboration. It identifies loopholes and lack of clarity and helps solve these problems.

Visit our homepage which contains extensive information concerning life and work in the neighbouring countries. You can find information concerning our range of services and the current opening hours of our advisory locations, or send us your questions using our contact form.

Contact the INFOBEST-Bureaus in the three-country triangle Freiburg – Colmar- Mulhouse – Basel, covering the trading area of the RegioTriRhena:


For transnational questions concerning Switzerland, France and Germany:


Pont du Palmrain, F-68128 Village-Neuf

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Tel. D: +49 (0)7621 750 35; F: +33 (0)3 89 70 13 85; CH: +41 (0)61 322 74 22

For transnational questions concerning France and Germany:

INFOBEST Vogelgrun/Breisach

Ile du Rhin, F- 68600 Vogelgrun

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Tel. D: +49 (0)7667 83299 oder F: +33 (0)3 89 72 04 63

 infobest regiotrirhena

INFOBEST PALMRAIN was founded in 1993 and is the only tri-national INFOBEST that can answer questions concerning Switzerland. It is located in a former French customs building in the three-county triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland


INFOBEST Vogelgrün/Breisach celebrated it´s 25th anniversary in 2021. In that year it´s advisory offices were moved to a new bureau in the building of the German-French cultural centre Art`Rhena on the Rhine island (