RegioTiRhena is pleased about the increase in members

Seven new members join the trinational network

The new members, who are warmly welcomed by RegioTriRhena President Bernd Dallmann, are as heterogeneous as your existing membership structure.

Prominent new members include the major energy supplier EDF from France, the second largest electricity producer in the world.

The law firm Advant Beiten from Freiburg and the Dreiländermuseum in Lörrach are also there. The commitment of RegioTriRhena to questions of cross-border climate protection is reflected in the new memberships of the trinational hydrogen initiative 3H₂ and GIT HydroS Consult GmbH.
The VBU (Vereinigung Badener Firmen + Verbande e.V.) is an ideal partner for cross-border concerns and questions from the areas of social, economic, social and educational policy.
The group of new members is completed by Blue Tree Real Estate, a nationwide real estate company. The company was founded in 2019 and has offices in Frankfurt and Berlin in addition to its headquarters in Freiburg.
The common goal of the new partners and members is to strengthen the trinational economic and cultural area (trade, commerce, industry, tourism, transport, infrastructure, cultural exchange, etc.).

The RegioTrirhena currently has over 250 members from the region, mostly companies who are looking for organizational support in questions of cross-border cooperation in the association.
RegioTriRhena supports economic, scientific and cultural events and promotes networking and exchange between business and culture.